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At New Line Advertising agency we take creativity to the next level.
Forget coming second - we make you the best!

New Line Advertising is dedicated to offer its’ clients the best value for their brand identity by taking a comprehensive approach to their needs. Our commitment is to extend world-class service, high quality results, and innovation. We reach to build a complete and comprehensive business solution to help them manage their corporate identity.

Our Thinking

Creative advertising is clever advertising more often than not. It imprints the product or message firmly in the minds of those who encounter it, which usually makes it successful advertising too.



We build your image through well-expressed and creative websites and interactive CD that reassure the delivery of your message.

Our Company is one of the leading companies in Egypt that has built its success in handling activities. We are keen on the consistently delivering a very high quality product range, and providing continual innovation to exceed our client's expectations.

Although each area of prints demands its own strategy, there is a common thread that gathers them which is that people interact with the piece when this simple aspect is fully utilized. Hence, the true potential of print can be realized.

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